Why Have a Regular Boiler Service?

A regular service is essential to ensure the safety and correct operation of your boiler. It is also important to have your gas appliances serviced every year in order for the manufacturers warranty to remain valid.

Gas boilers that are not cared for properly can lead to major safety issues such as Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Servicing your boiler also confirms your appliance is operating correctly and if not will highlight any issues that need addressed. When your boiler is working as it should be, it operates more efficiently and will help you to use less energy saving money on bills

How Often Should You Service Your Gas Boiler?

Your gas boiler should be serviced once a year. Even if you don’t think that there is anything wrong with your boiler, it gives the heating engineer a chance to look it over and give it a health check. Not only will it reassure you that your boiler is running as it should, and give you a chance to repair any problems, but it will give you peace of mind that it’s safe too.

What happens during a Boiler Service?

When one of our Gas Safe registered heating engineers visits you for your boiler service they will follow the manufacturers instructions for your specific appliance to carry out a thorough service.

Typically this will include confirming safe electrical isolation, a visual inspection of the appliance, check for leaks, expansion vessel check, cleaning of the condensate trap and if required heating exchanger, water quality check, combustion readings, gas rate or burner pressure, check of safety devices, flueing and ventilation.

If there is any maintenance that needs to be carried out or repairs that are required, your engineer will let you know. They will explain what needs to be done, if anything, and provide you with a full service report.

Boiler Service
Some of the elements that a gas boiler engineer will check include:


  • Gas pressure or heat output
  • Flue and ventilation
  • Safety devices
  • Combustion seals
  • Electrical connections
  • Condensate trap and pipe
  • Pipework
  • Central heating water quality

Why choose SA Heating?

SA Heating Services can help you if you’re looking for a boiler service in Glasgow.

Our knowledgeable team is British Gas trained and Gas Safe registered, and we’re fully insured for all of our services. We provide an affordable service that’s less expensive than many of our larger competitors but we still ensure every customer receives a five-star service. We always aim to go above and beyond for our customers to provide total satisfaction from our services.

Excellent service

Our number one priority at SA Heating is to provide our customers with an honest, high-quality service at all times.

Good value

Our boiler services are much more affordable than many of our competitors, with no compromise in the quality of our service.

Peace of mind

We are Gas Safe registered and British Gas trained, as well as being fully insured for all the services we provide.

Customer satisfaction

We have excellent reviews from our customers, which you can see on our Google Reviews page.

Keep your boiler safe and efficient by having it serviced annually. Contact us by calling 0141 266 0376 / 07507809262 to find out more about our gas boiler servicing.